Ploovium® is a software service able to predict the real need for irrigation 5 days in advance with over 99% reliability and water and cost savings of up to 50%.
Full description
Ploovium® is an Ag Tech software application for irrigation management. Ploovium® learns in real time the water behavior of the "soil / crop" system and predicts exactly when it is about to enter into water stress, in order to plan the irrigation intervention safely and in advance. This result is achieved using IoT and Artificial Intelligence technologies applied in an Patented methodology. The Ploovium® AI methods and algorithms are patented in Italy (N. 102019000009735) and filed in the U.S., Europe, India and Israel. The data coming from our customers says that, during the 2022 exercise, the water need forecast was reliable up to 99,7% and the water and costs savings were 35% average with a maximum of 50%. Ploovium® works with any crop, any soil, any geography.

Value proposition
General: Ploovium® manages over 40 different crops, and it only takes 2 weeks to add new ones.

Flexible: Ploovium® works on any terrain, anywhere in the world. Ploovium® supports agrophotovoltaic projects by providing specific irrigation recommendations for areas around the panels, for crops in the rows between the panels, and for crops grown under the solar panels.

Innovative: Ploovium® supports farms and research institutions in innovative crops such as:
dry-land rice (irrigated not flooded);
remediation of marginal land with crops such as thistle (useful for bioplastics);
restoration of traditional and endangered crops (e.g., pomelo).

Widespread: Ploovium® is already being used in Italy, Greece, Malta and Israel
Product pricing

300.00 Rate: yearly

Implementation time
1 Days
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