Ecosystem restorations require innovative solutions. The MERLIN Marketplace makes it easier for suppliers and users of solutions to connect and collaborate.

As a supplier of solutions, you can create a free account and advertise your products and services to people working in the environmental sector across Europe and around the world. Find new clients, explore new markets and help your business grow.

As a user of solutions for ecosystem restoration, you can discover innovative new products and services to help make your work easier, more impactful and more cost-effective. Choose from a wide range of suppliers and keep up-to-date with the latest best practice from leading companies and creative start-ups.

The MERLIN Marketplace is an output of the MERLIN project, a "research and innovation action" funded under the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme, which seeks to mainstream ecological restoration for freshwater ecosystems.

MERLIN recognises that ecosystem restoration is key to addressing the climate and biodiversity crises, which pose sever threats to economic prosperity and human wellbeing.

Our society needs systemic transformative change. To achieve this, we need to innovate and upscale solutions leading to the maximum benefit for both people and nature.

The MERLIN Marketplace is an important part of this vision and by joining us, you too can become part of the solution for a better future.

Visit the MERLIN website for information about the project: www.project-merlin.eu.


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