Financing of Forest Conservation with multi-year AI-based validation

NatureDAO is a web3, nature-based solution for offsetting your environmental footprint and keeping the forests intact. With unique digital certificates, each one representing a hectare of primary forest, sponsors ensure the conservation of the area for 5 years.
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At NatureDAO, we want to make a direct impact in the future of forests. We are building a web3, nature-first solution for offsetting your environmental footprint using blockchain, satellite imagery and AI. We seek to create a new economic model that makes forest conservation profitable, as economic activities that result in deforestation are currently the only available options to monetize the forest.

NatureDAO offers direct and verifiable funding of primary forests, where individuals and organizations can sponsor the conservation of forest. To do so we have marketed forest conservation NFTs. Each NFT represents one hectare of forest being conserved by a partnering landlord. By acquiring this NFT, sponsors take a step towards ensuring the adequate conservation of the area for the next 5 years. High-resolution satellite imagery is used to monitor the forest and ensure it remains intact. The amount paid by the sponsor for the NFT will be redirected in monthly payments to the landowner working towards the conservation of that area. In the Digital certificate, the sponsors will be able to read information about the hectare that is being sponsored, with data such as the exact coordinates of the hectare, who the landowner is, how much carbon is stored, the species that live there or the type of forest that they are protecting.

The main ecological benefit we offer is the fight against deforestation. Healthy forests purify the air by absorbing carbon, maintain the soil and regulate the climate among other benefits. Rather than changing ecosystems and becoming a treeless area destined to agricultural or cattle-raising activities, preserving forests creates an opportunity to increase oxygen and limit carbon emissions, reducing pollution and erosion. Although it varies from forest to forest, we estimated that each hectare of dry forest that is sponsored stores at least about 106 tons of CO2. Therefore, the annual reduction of CO2 would be linearly connected to the land area of the landowners that we are partnering with. Not only that, but an ecosystem with dense vegetation and trees increase rainfall, Forest conservation also increases rainfall, which is essential for freshwater ecosystems, while helping protect wildlife and prevent the extinction of species in these ecosystems.

As the issue we are solving for is a global issue, the solution we are presenting is also something that can be replicated and applied at a global scale. To ensure that the project is scalable, it has been designed with a long-term vision that can accommodate growth and expansion thanks to the technology that is being used. By prioritizing scalability, the project can have a greater impact and achieve its goals of fighting deforestation, protecting wildlife, and mitigating climate change.
Value proposition
The value proposition of NatureDAO is to provide individuals and enterprises with a nature-first solution for offsetting their environmental footprint. By acquiring a forest conservation Certificates from NatureDAO, sponsors can take concrete, straightforward, and accountable actions to preserve forests and protect nature. We allow sponsors to have a direct impact on the future of the forest, and the ability to verify the state and evolution of the hectare being sponsored during the 5 years makes their service tangible, transparent, and verifiable compared to other solutions. Additionally, the annual reduction of CO2 would be linearly connected to the land area of the landowners that we are partnering with, which allows us to be a globally scalable solution. NatureDAO's solution is aimed at promoting a nature-first mindset to transform people, organizations, and markets while creating a new economic model that makes forest conservation profitable.
Payment conditions
The payment conditions for the Sponsorship are defined in a smart contract, where the amount paid by the sponsor will be redirected in monthly payments to the landowner working towards the conservation of that area. The payments will only go through to the landowner if they keep their part of the contract and conserve the forest in the adequate conditions. If the satellite imagery detects an abrupt change in the forest, due to trees being cut or burned down, for instance, the landowner would no longer receive the payment, and the funds would be returned to the sponsor. This ensures that the landowner is accountable for maintaining the forest in the appropriate conditions during the 5-year period, and the sponsor's investment is being used to preserve and protect the natural habitat. Sponsors may fund as many hectares as they choose.
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1 Days
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Use case

Chiquitano Forest in Bolivia
We have partnered with Fundación para la Conservación del Bosque Chiquitano (FCBC), an organization in Bolivia established in 1999. The primary reason for this alliance was to display a long-term program to contribute to biodiversity conservation and sustainable conservation of biodiversity and the sustainable development of the Chiquitano Forest ecoregion and related ecosystems.