Circular solution to ocean plastic pollution

Clean rivers. Recycle plastics. Protect oceans.
1000 rivers transport 80% of riverine plastic pollution. RiverRecycle's unique process stops the plastic pollution of oceans in a self-sustaining loop of good
Full description
RiverRecycle solution features three distinct parts: a commercial feasibility study, a project phase and recycling.
Our innovative technology concentrates and removes floating waste from rivers. The collected waste is sorted for reuse, recycling, or proper disposal. Instead of sending low-value plastic waste to landfills where it could potentially harm the environment, we recycle it using either mechanical or chemical methods. This process ensures that the plastic waste is repurposed and does not spill back into the environment.
Through the sale of recycled products, we generate profits to sustain our operations and also play a vital role in promoting a circular economy where waste is transformed into valuable resources. As a result, we work towards a sustainable future while supporting developing communities in improving their local economies and environment.
Value proposition
River cleaning has not been an actual business so far, and the entire waste management value chain has not worked properly in many parts of the world. RiverRecycle offers the value chain participants a disruptive way of operating, brings tangible value to each player, and is able to satisfy the customer demand on a growing market.
Riverrecycle creates a close loop model where waste management solution itself is commercially sustainable and do not need to depend on funding from the local community for operation. Besides, each and every component of our solution can stand alone by itself, meaning that the whole solution is modular. This enables global scalability while having spaces for customization to fit the local situations. All projects are essentially similar leading to a predictable cost structure. Moreover, technologies involved in the model are established and thereby familiar with the local community, which helps to increase credibility during the period of entering the local market.
Payment conditions
A typical project with us requires € 80.000 – 1.000.000 for 500.000 – 1.200.000 kg of waste intercepted annually before reaching the oceans and 300.000 – 1.300.000 kg of annual low-value plastic recycling capacity installed.
Product pricing

80000.00 Rate: yearly

  • Pricing upon request
  • Pricing depending on specific customer demands

Implementation time
365 Days


Vy Dinh
Corporate Development Manager
Riverrecycle Oy
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Use case

Pasig river clean-up
The project started by installing river-based waste collection systems in the San Juan River, the tributary that is the major source of waste in the Pasig River, to immediately halt the flow of plastic waste into Manila Bay. Two projects on the San Juan River currently collect 120,000 kg/month of waste. Additional waste collection systems have been established in the Kinalumsan River and Guadalupe River in Cebu City.
The river cleanup projects will benefit from the collaboration with Extended Resources Network, which will facilitate partnerships with Philippino companies required to offset their plastic usage under the EPR Law. At least 1000 kg/day of recycled plastic boards are being produced from plastic waste from rivers and land-based collections.