Water Wise System

Digital Twin for Smart Water Management and Wastewater-based Epidemiology
Full description
Water Wise System is a real time big data AI/IoT B2B SaaS solution, built for public and private Water and Wastewater Utilities and Smart Cities initiatives. It makes available several new functionalities to support operational and non-revenue water reduction processes and internal controls. Builds a 360ยบ digital twin view of the urban water cycle by monitoring all networks: potable water, wastewater and rainwater, basins, rivers, and groundwater. Monitors pressure, flow, water quality parameters and energy consumption. Finds abnormal events and insights in real and differed time by exploring these data sources. Open platform that can integrate with existing GIS, SCADAs and/or new field IoTs. Performs easy to use operational water balances and gives geo analytical insights about priority areas of attention for directing field
teams. Helps to reduce consistently NRW (non-revenue water) by 20% and energy consumption by at least 10%.
Value proposition
Existing solutions are based in older technologies and architectures, do not deliver a big data native capacity, analytical capability, flexibility, and functional extensibility. Most of them are limited to a specific nature of datasets, network types, others use proprietary technologies limiting integration and interoperability between systems and devices. Therefore, scalability, integration, elasticity and analytical treatment processes are compromised. To evolve into a disruptive architecture and technology like ours, a significative investment and time is needed.They're not prepared to deal with energy assets related events and data, perform water-energy nexus analytics and carbon footprint, many use cloud AI components that are costly to maintain and scale. We deliver operational intelligence to all customers, even those in developing countries, starting small in a specific area of the network and only data about flow. Depending on annual NRW levels, ROI is high and fast.
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Use case

Water Wise System
Direct benefits are 20 to 30% of NRW reduction and 10 to 20% less energy.