iNODE Water Treatment Plant Design Software

iNODE WTP is SaaS product for Hydraulic Design of Drinking Water Treatment Plants. The design is done as per CPHEEO and relevant IS Manuals. This product is powered by Artificial Intelligence and gives Detail Design Reports, Hydraulic Drawings and Tender Validation Reports as output. It features one of it’s kind Design Management Portal, Design & Drawing Portal, Proof Checking Portal and Educational Portal.

This software has been designed specifically keeping in mind Government’s Mission to provide Drinking Water for all by 2024. It will help standardise designs, bring uniformity and ultimately save design and peer review time. As far as time is concerned we have brought the Hydraulic Design and Drawing preparation time from 15 days (Average time required in industry) to 45 minutes.
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Innovative Approach to Design Drinking Water Treatment Plant in just 45 minutes
With a simple internet connection, Civil Engineers can get the deepest design capabilities for their Drinking Water Treatment Project
iNODE WTP is Human Controlled and Artificial Intelligent Software that ensures all your design needs are solved
Be it, Designing, Proof Checking or even Generating Engineering Drawings or Reports, iNODE WTP Software does it all for you!
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Aditya Tubachi
Tech Lead
iNODE Software Co.
Tel: +91-9538694002
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