BlueOperation is an advanced hyper-automation and digitalization platform designed to interface with IoT sensors seamlessly, integrate across diverse technologies, and facilitate effective communication with on-site operation teams. Our comprehensive solution empowers businesses to optimize the management of critical resources including energy, water, inventory, vehicles, teams, and more all within a unified software ecosystem. By centralizing operations, we drive efficiency and productivity to new heights.
Full description
BlueOperation enables Smart Citiy, Smart Building, and Smart Place applications by managing and integrating advanced technologies. It aims to enhance business and operational efficiency by significantly reducing resource usage. To achieve this, BlueOperation runs the following solution packages:
IoT (Internet of Things) for sensor and RTLS technologies,
iBMS (Integrated Building Management System) for technology systems and hyper-automation,
CMMS+ (Computerized Maintenance Management System) for digital service and maintenance operations,
EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) and Asset Performance Management for City and Building Inventories and Vehicles.
BlueOperation aims to ensure activate things not every time, but when needed.
Value proposition
This integrative data-driven approach optimizes operations and processes around the city and buildings to optimize operational efficiency and resource usage.
Less consumption, less cost, more free time, and a greener future.
Payment conditions
Annually billed license subscription for modules.
Advance one-time payment for hardware, if hardware is necessary in a project.
Service works payment after delivery if the BlueOperation site team has to be on site.
Product pricing

Rate: yearly

  • Pricing upon request
  • Pricing depending on specific customer demands

Delivery time
14 Days
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Muhsin Ozezen
Co-Founder | CPO
Argeloji Information Technologies
Tel: 05062802332
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  • Consultancy
  • Data
  • Energy
  • Software/IT


  • Globally
  • EU only


  • digitalization
  • hyper automation
  • cmms
  • eam
  • ibms
  • Smart cities
  • smart buildings

Use case

Emlak Konut Real Estate Investment Company
Smart Digital Transformation
BlueOperation Digitalization Platform transforms facility systems and operations into digital format, providing real-time monitoring and operational capabilities at the Emlak Konut Florya Evleri project.

The facility management of Emlak Konut Florya Houses efficiently monitors and manages the systems, devices, and team operations through BlueOperation. Additionally, it has instant access to any device or system malfunctions, enabling rapid intervention.

The technical teams managing operations more "efficiently" aim for maximum "availability" of all devices and systems within the facility.