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The aim of ciriabest is to enable robust business cases to be made to give confidence to decision makers in the value of such projects to society, the environment and the economy.

For any project, quantification of the costs and benefits are required to justify investment of time and resources in its implementation.

Investment plans and approaches to collaborative projects and partnership funding should be underpinned by good evidence on the impact and evidence of benefits.

There is growing impetus to understand the ecosystem services provided by blue-green infrastructure (BGI) and the contribution it can make to financial, natural, manufactured, social and human capital as part of the capitals approach to accounting.

Blue and green infrastructure can be defined as a series of strategically planned networks of natural and semi-natural areas. These networks are increasingly being implemented in towns and cities - to enable communities to adapt to the impacts of climate change, to provide resilience to extreme weather and to improve the quality of places that people live and work. BGI also provides an array of multiple benefits including for example: improved health and well-being; reduced flood risk; improved air and water quality; natural cooling; enhanced biodiversity and carbon sequestration.

Such benefits are unfamiliar items to add to balance sheets which are designed for more traditional infrastructure projects. It is difficult to express the value of many of these benefits in monetary terms without an extensive trawl through the literature - making them difficult to include in a financial, economic or commercial business case.

Using ciriabest to compile data makes assessing the benefits of blue-green infrastructure quicker and easier, without the need for full-scale economic inputs. ciriabest is an online, spatial tool which guides the user through the benefits estimation process. It uses an impact pathway process to ensure benefits are valued in the context of their location. It draws on hundreds of sources of up to date, peer reviewed data and evidence and is regularly updated.

ciriabest provides a robust method to estimate the monetary value of a range of benefits that are not normally quantified. Rather than assigning fixed values, ciriabest encourages the user to think about the level of confidence they have in the data they have used, and the value assigned to the benefits in the context of the project.
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ciriabest saves time, effort and money in making business cases and funding bids, while providing confidence for decision makers and transparency to stakeholders in the current and future value of blue-green infrastructure projects.
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