Full description
SOLARISFLOAT is a jp.group company, a Portuguese business group with an international presence in more than 70 countries, primarily operating in the ICT sector, but also in complementing areas that reinforce and enhance the value of the solutions offered to the market, positioning itself as a Technologic Partner within the Floating Photovoltaic Market aiming to be the strategic partner in providing renewable energy at a competitive cost with the least environmental impact.
With 5 Patents registered in more than 120 countries, SOLARISFLOAT targets utility solar projects, aiming to be the strategic partner in providing renewable energy at a competitive cost with the least environmental impact.
Our approach is maximize local integration working with local partners for each market enhancing providing our solution and transfer our knowledge allowing each partner the proper autonomy for its business.
SOLARISFLOAT mission is to become a preferred partner for floating solar photovoltaic solutions and support its customers in a more competitive way with the least environmental impact and targets efficient energy production from the water surface worldwide.

PROTEVSĀ® is a floating photovoltaic solution, for interior water bodies, such as artificial lakes, dams, water reservoirs, lagoons, canals, and others with registered patents.
It differentiates from other solutions with its innovative design, modularity, and flexibility designed to assure reliability, feasibility, and easy assembly where components are easily handle but with high resistance and durability. The design and the UV protection components on the thermoplastics of the floaters allows PROTEVSĀ® to sustain the expected lifetime up to 25 years. Includes the possibility of installing a 1-axis solar-tracking system feature aiming to increase the generated energy per installed power unit in comparison with other solutions but is also available as fixed non tracking solution.
Several tests and validations were made during the development and testing process to assure a reliable solution for any feasible location. Between others Wind and Waves resistance tests, Buoyancy studies, Ageing Speed tests, corrosion tests and Environmental Impacts studies. Additionally, Each PROTEVSĀ® floating platform (made of Polypropylene with UV protection components) can support up to 590 PV modules and can be connected in several sets for large scale installations. The solution was designed with the mains perspective of maximize the energy production minimizing the environmental impact.
Value proposition
With PROTEVS, Solarisfloat developed a solution for electricity production from solar in interior water reservoirs, maximizing the energy production, reduce water evaporation and help controlling algae proliferation, with modular, innovative and flexibility designed to assure reliability, feasibility and easy assembly, empowering local development and manpower.