Full description
The River Cleaning Project was established in 2018 by the Italian SME Mold S.r.l., with the aim to provide long-term, technology-based solutions to reduce plastic pollution in rivers and seas across the world.
The River Cleaning technologies are a set of floating, modular and smart barriers that can be deployed in any kind of flowing water to stop up to 95% of floating and semi-submerged pollutants. Depending on the target pollutants, River Cleaning barriers can equip different types of floating modules to trap solid macro litter or solid and liquid waste. Each module is linked independently to an anchoring structure, but works in synergy with all the others; the underwater portion of the modules is shaped like a turbine, harnessing the natural water current to produce a spinning motion.
By virtue of rotating modules, River Cleaning barriers do not just retain litter: they displace the incoming trash flow, funneling debris towards a collection cage; from that point, the material is collected and recycled in close collaboration with the locals, to feed the positive loop of circular economy.
River Cleaning technologies rely on the passive energy of the water to power themselves; moreover, the kinetic energy of the spinning modules can be transformed into electricity as well. These innovative barriers let underwater wildlife move freely without any obstruction, and they do not impede or modify the natural hydrodynamics of the watercourse. Furthermore, we reduce O&M through the application of remote control and automation arrays. We aim for a net, positive impact through strategy and efficiency.